Politics and quality objektives

  1. Quality of our products and service is one of the base buissenes direction of company and also a base for buissnes success E.E.A. Medved d.o.o. and also for its market position.
  2. E.E.A. Medved d.o.o. closely cooperates with customers and for their needs workes out products, makes services, which fullfill and even exceeds their demands and expectations.
  3. In partnership with customers, suppliers, external cooperations and our employees, we strive for permanently improvement efectiveness of quality management system (ISO)
  4. Products and services company E.E.A. Medved d.o.o. totaly suit standards, tehnological normatives and other agreements.
  5. In our organisation we command all buissnes processes, witch are sistematical improved by ideas and proposals of our employees.
  6. In our buissnes process we initate newes tehnology which make possible higest effectivenes work, productive area for employees and assure optimal expence operation
  7. We construct on knowledge, incessantly finding need for knowledge, skills of our employees and with different form of qualifications supplement statements defectiveness in qualifications employees
  8. Our quality management systems is built in accordance with demands family standards ISO 9000
  9. We cooperate closely with suppliers and supervise their ability for delivery accordant products.
  10. We realize the large material and moral consequenses for bad quality of our products, therefore we try harder for reduction and in final phase for sending off all discords.

Quality objectives

Company was given in pawn next long-dated quality objecitves, witch are in accordance with quality politics of company:

  • proportionally incresaing profit on all line of company acitivities
  • constantly increasing the satisfaction of customers
  • improvement of work conditions
  • working for bigger profit and satisfaction owners and employees
  • ensure teh quality of suppliers

Why choose us?

We work closely with our suppliers and monitor their ability to supply compliant products. All of the products and services of the EEA Medved d.o.o. fully comply with the relevant standards, technical specifications and legislative requirements.

We build on our existing knowledge, constantly strive to determine any outstanding knowledge and skills requirements of our employees and eliminate any deficiencies or weaknesses through various forms of training.


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