About Us

E.E.A. was founded in 1985. It is 100% privately owned. The company started with classical electrical installations in industrial, commercial, and residential facilities and electrical installations of road, street, and other municipal facility lighting. In 1991, we started with stationary AKU (accumulator) service, maintenance service and exchanging of accumulator batteries. In year 1995, we started also with EX design electric installations.

The same year we started also performing electrical installation on bigger heating and boiler plants – the first ones were a boiler plant in Brewery Lasko – the biggest brewery in Slovenia and a boiler plant in TIM, Lasko – one of biggest producers of boards for facade insulation, Styropor and bituminous products in part of former Yugoslavia. Since then we performed electrical installation on numerous Bio mass Heating Plants in Slovenia and abroad.

Gradually we started to perform electrical installations also in environment-friendly refrigeration systems, as well as commercial and industrial cold stores of various temperature regimes. Thus, in 1999 we performed electrical installation in Refrigeration in dairy processing industry Cooperativo El Coyol de Alajuela in Costa Rica.

We strive for consistent and high-quality implementation of our services, as well as our clients’ satisfaction. We meet the clients’ needs regarding the manner of installation, completion date and specifics of the facility.

Continuous development and improvement, a key policy of our company, enables us to perform qualitative electrical installation in various technological systems.

We are aware that environmental protection is too important to be left to chance. For this reason, we are using and installing environment-friendly products in accordance with environmental regulations.

In year 2006 we acquired ISO 9001/ 2008 Certificate.

Apart from execution, we also perform Measurements of electrical installations and electrical devices, the quality of electrical installations and issuing of declarations of conformity of installations in accordance with the valid regulations, telephony and computer networks in industrial, commercial, and residential facilities.

We also have a design department for designing electrical part for various technologies (boiler plants, cold stores, etc.).

In cooperation with our partners, we can also provide soft ware for various technologies.

Since solar power plants represent long term investments, we also started selling and installing heating pumps. Heating pumps are able to provide the buildings air conditioning and contemporary, the tap water heating. The heat pumps employ natural energies as the water or the ground source for the geothermic version. Heating pumps, that we install do not use fossil fuels and do not produce pollution and do not need chimneys.

Lately we also started installing Photo voltaic cells that convert solar light photons into electricity. Photovoltaic solar cells fulfill two functions: photo generation of charge carriers (electrons and holes) in a light-absorbing material, and separation of the charge carriers to a conductive contact that will transmit the electricity. Solar cells are commonly used in remote locations where cost-effective access to local power grids is not possible.

Why choose us?

We work closely with our suppliers and monitor their ability to supply compliant products. All of the products and services of the EEA Medved d.o.o. fully comply with the relevant standards, technical specifications and legislative requirements.

We build on our existing knowledge, constantly strive to determine any outstanding knowledge and skills requirements of our employees and eliminate any deficiencies or weaknesses through various forms of training.


EEA Medved d.o.o.
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